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Can I share PrEP with others?

It is not safe to share prescription medicines with others. The PrEP medication was prescribed by the nurse or doctor after they conducted an HIV test and confirmed that you were HIV negative and took blood tests to confirm that it was safe for you to take PrEP. It will be unsafe for a person who has not had the necessary tests done to take PrEP. 

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If PrEP is an ARV, can I share it with my HIV-positive partner? 

The short answer? No! PrEP doesn’t have the right combination of antiretroviral (ARV) medicines, or the right dosage (amount of them) that is required to treat an  HIV positive person. The risk for an HIV positive person taking PrEP, is that they could become resistant to ARVs used for treatment. This means that when they are put onto ARVs for treatment they may not respond to the medication..  

Can I take PrEP pills from my friend? 

No you can’t! Testing for HIV is important before you start taking PrEP. If you don’t get tested and just use your friend’s PrEP, you could be HIV positive and not know it! And HIV positive people need a different combination of ARVs for treatment.

You’ll only get your first supply of oral PrEP only after your HIV test comes back negative. In the first month, you’ll do another HIV test in order to get your three-month script, and then you’ll need to get an HIV test done every three months while you’re on PrEP. 

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