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Generation Vaccination

We are GenV: Generation Vaccination. We are the rise of a healthier, COVID-19 free generation! Join us as we have real chats and share facts about the COVID-19 vaccine. We are all about getting the people around us registered for vaccination and getting ready to register when it’s our time!

COVID-19 facts

Looking for big facts and real stats on COVID-19 and the vaccine? This is where you can learn more.

COVID-19 vaccine registration process

There are so many ways to register for the COVID-19 vaccine. Find out what they are so you can help others register and register yourself when the time comes.

The rise of Gen V

Do you want to be a part of a healthier, COVID-19 free generation? You can by joining the Generation Vaccination movement with our girl Vee! Learn how here.

Gen V chats with 
Dr Nosipho

Get the facts on COVID-19 and the vaccine from Dr Nosipho. Make sure to watch and share with your squad so they can get the facts too!

Gen V chats with 
Dr Musa

Catch Dr Musa and members of the Gen V squad as they chat about COVID-19 and the vaccine. Watch the videos to get all facts, no cap!

Vee’s videos and toolkits

Let Vee help you share information on the COVID-19 and vaccination with those around you. Download posters for your classroom, home and community and check out Vee’s informative videos!

Gen V Schools

Youth from all over South Africa have joined Gen V through their schools! Watch the best song and dance videos and get facts on the COVID-19 vaccine and how to stay safe.

Find a Service

Find a clinic closest to you and see where you can get certain services.

Need Help or Advice?

The trained health experts at loveLife can assist you with any question or concern.

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