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How to ask for consent?

Consent is an important part of any relationship, although it may be new to some people. Not sure how to ask for consent?

Steps you can take to ask for consent:

  1. Begin by asking your partner if they are comfortable with what you are about to do. Use clear and straightforward language, such as “Is it okay if I…?”
  2. Make sure that your partner understands what you are asking and ask if they have any questions or concerns.
  3. If your partner says no, respect their decision and do not continue with asking for consent. Remember that “no” means “no”  and consent must be freely given.
  4. Consent is not just about talking. If your partner looks uncomfortable or ask if they are okay and if they would like to stop.
  5. Consent can be withdrawn (taken back)  at any time. Check in with your partner throughout the activity to make sure that they are still comfortable and willing to continue.
f you feel you need to speak to someone, please contact the local counselor or contact loveLife:
(from any Telkom public phone)
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