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How to deal with a breakup

Breakups are not easy, and they can leave you with a broken heart and anger. Everyone handles breakups differently, but here are a few tips on what can help you deal with one:


  • Allow yourself to cry and express the emotions you are feeling.
  • Talk about your feelings to loved ones who can comfort you. You can also contact counsellors for help. 
  • Take time to figure out what worked and what didn’t. 
  • Do things for yourself e.g. journal, exercise, take walks and listen to music


  • Do things to hurt your ex just because you are hurt!
  • Post negative comments about your ex on social media.
  • Stalk their social media to see what they are doing. This will only hurt you. 
  • Use alcohol or take drugs to cope with your feelings.
  • Keep things bottled up inside. Find someone to talk to or talk to a counsellor. 

Talking to someone about how you feel after a breakup can make the experience a bit easier. The counsellors at loveLife are available to support you. Reach out to them for free advice and guidance.:

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