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‘I want to get an abortion. Where do I start?’

Deciding to get an abortion can be difficult, especially when you don’t know what steps to take.

What do you need to do once you have made this decision? Let’s find out.

  • Find a clinic or hospital near you.
  • Get help from a healthcare provider.

Find a clinic or hospital near you

It’s important to know that not all public clinics or hospitals are able to do abortions. This is why you need to go to the clinic or hospital in your area as soon as possible so that you can be assisted or referred to another public healthcare facility if needed.

What will happen at the clinic or hospital?

You and the healthcare provider will go through the following steps:

  1. physical examination. This is to check:
    • How far along the pregnancy is.
    • How your general health is.
  2. Counselling services. You and the healthcare provider will discuss:
  3. Make a booking for you to have the abortion at that facility OR give you a referral letter to another clinic or hospital where the procedure can be done
  4. Sign a consent form
    • You will need to sign a consent form for the abortion to be done.
  5. Receive a referral letter
    • If you are referred to another facility, then you will need to go there with your referral letter.

Remember to take your official ID documents when you go for the abortion. And be sure to know what medication you are taking if you are taking any. The healthcare provider will need this information.

You will be given counselling once you’ve had the abortion and the next date to come get your contraceptive.

An important note

All healthcare providers are obligated by law to give you accurate information on accessing abortion services. They also can’t refuse to help you get an abortion for any reason (e.g., because of age or marital status).

Healthcare providers who are not willing to do an abortion MUST refer you to another provider who can help or to another healthcare facility near you in a timely manner. They must give you a referral letter and assist you with making a booking.

Please note that healthcare providers and other people such as security or clinic staff DON’T have the right to discourage you from having an abortion.

They MUST also help you when you arrive at the facility for abortion services.


Do I need to get permission from my parents or caregiver to get an abortion?

Girls and women of all ages have the right to an abortion. You don’t need to have permission from your parent/guardian or partner.

Making the choice to have an abortion is not always easy. You may need to talk to someone. Trained counsellors at loveLife are here for you.

All you need to do is send a PLEASE CALL ME to 083 323 1023 and loveLife will call you back.

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