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I’m struggling with communication in my relationship

Talking is a big way of communicating. But there are other ways to communicate such as your volume when you speak, your body language, and facial expressions. Are you and your partner struggling with communicating properly? Get tips on how to improve. 

How does good communication look?

Good communication is when you and your partner can share your feelings in an assertive way and be listened to. Assertive communication is when you directly tell your partner how you feel or what you want but in a way that is still respectful and doesn’t blame or shame the other person.

3 tips for assertive communication

  1. Use an ‘I’ statement

When telling your partner how you feel, try saying; “I don’t like it when you give other girls attention and ignore me when I’m with you”. Instead of using ‘You’ statements, “You’re always busy flirting with other girls instead of giving me attention!” Communicate your feelings without creating blame.

  1. Use positive body language and tone

Remember that communication is not only about what you are saying. Your body language, how you say things, and the volume you use also communicate so keep these in mind. So don’t do things like use an aggressive tone, fold your arms or point your finger when talking to your partner.

  1. Stay respectful

Assertive communication is about respect. If you respect your partner and their views, it will be easier for you to listen when they communicate.

Fights in relationships

It is normal to have disagreements in a relationship, but there are ways to help you and your partner fight less and make sure your fights don’t affect your relationship.

Find out how you and your partner can have fewer fights

Tips for handling conflict

  • Find out what the real issue is

Identify what is really causing the fight and figure out how you can solve it together

  • Listen to understand and not just respond

Carefully listen to what your partner is saying without rushing to answer them or defend yourself.

  • Express yourself clearly and respectfully

Be assertive but not aggressive. Shouting will not help you when you are trying to fix a problem.

Remember, you are fighting the problem, not the person!

Now that you’ve gotten some tips on how to practice good communication and handle fights better, try practicing these tips with your partner, friends, and even family!

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