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My partner told me they have an STI. What now?

Finding out your partner has an STI can leave you feeling uneasy, maybe even angry. 

You might have lots of questions you need answered such as: 

Has my partner been unfaithful?

Am I at risk of having an STI?

Is it curable?

Your partner could have an STI because they were with another person and did not use protection. But they could also have had the STI before they got into a relationship with you. They may or may not have known about it. You could also be the one that gave your partner an STI and you didn’t know you had it, because you didn’t show any symptoms. 

Either way, it’s better not to play the blame game and rather focus on your both getting treatment.

If you have been using a condom the whole time you have been together, you are probably safe. But if at some point you did have unprotected sex, or if a condom broke, you may be at risk of getting an STI.

The first thing you need to do is to visit your nearest clinic to get tested for STIs. Just because you have not seen any signs of STIs does not mean you don’t have any. Some STI symptoms are not obvious to see, and if the infection is not treated, it could affect your health, or even put your life at risk.

So, it’s important for you to visit the clinic and get checked. You can get treatment if you need it, and this will help you to prevent it from passing to anyone else.

To help protect yourself from STIs, use condoms EVERY time you have sex. Male/external and female/internal condoms are available free of charge from clinics.

The only way to protect yourself against STIs if you are having sex is to ALWAYS use a condom. Learn how to use a condom correctly here.

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