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Pulling out and hoping for the best!

Pulling out (also known as the withdrawal method) is when a penis is taken out of a vagina before ejaculation or cumming.

The idea behind pulling out is that if the penis is removed from the vagina before ejaculating, then this will limit sperm from reaching the egg and fertilising it. This doesn’t always work though!

Pulling out doesn’t protect you from getting HIV and other STIs. It also needs a lot of self-control and experience and it doesn’t always work which makes it unreliable at preventing pregnancy.

What should I know before trying to pull out?

You should know that not all sperm are released from the penis during ejaculation. Some sperm are a little more eager than that. This means that you could still end up pregnant even if your partner pulls his penis out before he ejaculates.

Pulling out also doesn’t keep you safe from HIV and other STIs. So, it is safer to use a condom every time you have sex. You may also want to think about using PrEP which is a method to prevent HIV. And make sure that you are using a reliable birth control method.

If your partner pulls out too late, you can use emergency contraception within 3-5 days to prevent pregnancy. The sooner you get emergency contraception, the better!

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Many people believe that pulling out works but the truth is that it is not reliable. Watch this loveLife video to hear more from one of their groundBREAKERs!

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