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STI and non-STI causes of genital discharge

Having discharge is an experience that most girls and women go through. Discharge is normal if it is a clear or white liquid that comes out of your vagina from time-to-time during your monthly cycle. It may feel a bit wet and sticky but shouldn’t smell bad. 

If you have a discharge that has recently changed, smells bad, is brown or creamy in colour, or you have itching or sores around your vagina or penis, you may have an infection and need to seek medical attention.

What STIs cause a discharge?

Is a discharge always an STI?

No. Sometimes a discharge can be caused by a bug that is not sexually transmitted.

Check out these articles below to find out more about other conditions which can cause a discharge:

Is genital itching or burning always an STI?

There are conditions which can cause genital itching or burning which are not sexually transmitted.

These can include:

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