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Story 1

My friend had an abortion last August at the KwaMhlanga hospital [Mpumalanga] because she had fallen pregnant after a condom failed her and she wasn’t aware in time. Her experience of seeking assistance in the hospital for an abortion was traumatic because the first day she went, she was made to wait without any assistance and when a nurse came along, she made all the women who came for the procedure watch a program on TV with babies and new parents (she commented on how happy they were). Eventually other women were too upset, and they left in numbers.

My friend didn’t leave and was taken for a scan and was denied further assistance because the baby was not visible on the scan (she was less than 7 weeks pregnant). She left and considered backdoor abortion until after some talk we had she went to another hospital and received the best, non-judgmental treatment, and service.

She was even given information and options on contraceptives and got one of her choice.

With this experience, I concluded that public healthcare providers are part of the problem in sexual health issues. Instead of giving information and good service, they make people uncomfortable and scared.


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