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Story 10

I had an abortion when I was 19 years old. The person who impregnated me had taken advantage of my lack of knowledge and 2 months later, I realised I was pregnant. He refused to help me get an abortion even though we had discussed in the past that if such a thing where to happen, we would take such a route.

Fortunately, my sister managed to help me by financing it and playing the supportive partner role. After the abortion, I had period complications that left me wondering if I will be able to have a baby in the future although I had the abortion in a legitimate place.

I recently went to see a gynae and when I told him about my medical history and the abortion, he made me feel bad. At times when think back about how I got pregnant and I realise how the guy took advantage of me, I blame myself for slipping up and having sex while I was drunk.

(Source: my body my choice, #Myabortionstory)

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