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Story 2

I had an abortion a few weeks back because I was impregnated by a guy who is from another province, and he told me that he doesn’t want a child since he will only have a child with someone he loves a lot, and that person has to be from his culture. I am not from his culture.

My own reasons for aborting were because I’m not working, and I currently live with my family. The only source of income comes from my father and grandma’s pension. We live in a house where any day we can get kicked out by the owner because my grandma couldn’t finish paying the bond and someone else bought the house and we are a big family occupying a small house.

I did the abortion at a public hospital. I chose it because it was my only option since I didn’t have money to go to private. I was not given counselling.

I had a medical abortion. They gave me a consent form explaining the whole process. I had to sign it and leave it at the clinic. I was tested for HIV, and they did a sonar to check how far the pregnancy was. I was 9 weeks pregnant. I also got the prevention injection for pregnancy before I even aborted the baby I was carrying then I was given the first pill which I drank at the clinic then the rest which I took at home. They explained how I’m supposed to take them and was told the only time I must come back is if after 3 weeks, I didn’t stop bleeding.

I went back 3 weeks later because the bleeding didn’t stop. The nurse did a sonar and told me some things didn’t come out. She then made me drink 7 pills at the clinic and said I must come back the following day. I went back the following day, and she did a sonar again and told me those pills didn’t work and said she has to do a surgical procedure. I wasn’t prepared for it but either way it had to be done.

I was taken to a room and took of my clothes, and I did a womb cleaning. The nurse didn’t even give me any pills or injection to numb my lower body, so I won’t feel any pain. She just did what she had to do, and it was painful. That was my experience with aborting.


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