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Story 3

I went to my local government clinic as I can’t afford private clinics to terminate. I was treated badly by a nurse who was supposed to help me. She kept on being judgmental, making me feel guilty. She was telling me stories of how I am going to suffer the consequences even though I tried to explain that I already have 3 kids and that I am not ready for another baby, especially since my boyfriend is fighting for his life in ICU due to Covid-19. We weren’t even sure if he’s going to make or not. Plus, our relationship is still new.

I ended up getting a referral letter to another clinic since they don’t terminate at my local clinic. I went to this new clinic but when I got there, I was turned away by 2 male security guards who first asked where I was going at the gate. I shamefully showed 1 of the guards the letter as I couldn’t tell him straight where I was going since there were people behind me in the queue. The guard told me that he is not sure when the doctor/nurse who performs the procedure is coming back to work since she’s in quarantine and she works alone. I ended up having to look for non-profit organisations around me to help me terminate because I was really desperate, and time was not on my side as I was already 10 weeks pregnant.


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