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Story 4

I had an abortion because I was not ready to have a baby and I fell pregnant due to stealthing [stealthing is when the person you are having sex with removes the condom during sex without you knowing].

I knew that continuing with the pregnancy was not an option for me as I was in a very bad space emotionally. Also because I was a student who was supported by her parents still.

I had the abortion at Dora Nginza Hospital in PE. I went there because that’s where I was referred to by my local clinic. I also chose a public hospital because I didn’t have the money to go to Marie Stopes.

I didn’t get counselling but there was an option for counselling. I didn’t feel like I needed counselling because I wasn’t traumatized, and I had the support of my best friends.

The healthcare providers were cool and not judgmental towards me or the other women who were there for terminations. But I will say they did take forever and were stalling (unnecessary tea times and lunch breaks) which is a general problem in public health facilities.

I had no problems after the medical termination. When I went for the follow up, everything had gone the way that the nurses expected them to. Even emotionally, I was good due to my friends’ support and also because I’ve always been pro choice. It’s been 3 years now; I am still okay with the decision I took.


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