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Story 6

I had an abortion on August 15, 2019. I had the abortion because my husband said he is unemployed, and we can’t support another child so that made me realize that this means that he will never work. He is afraid of responsibilities.

I had the abortion at a national hospital in Bloemfontein at the abortion clinic. I was not counselled before and after the abortion. The only thing they did was to lecture me for my decision. I was told that if I don’t prevent [use a contraceptive], they won’t help if I come again next time. It was really sad and scary sitting there with my thoughts consuming me. The guilt, the shame in your eyes as if everyone is seeing what you are doing.

I didn’t get any support from my husband. He’s the only one who knew I had an abortion. He even left us. Actually he abandoned me. Anyway, coping after this experience was easy because I kept busy with my schoolwork and my job. I’m fine now and can’t complain.


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