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The Rise of Gen V

Who is Gen V: Generation Vaccination?

Generation Vaccination is a movement of young people who are committed to working towards a healthier, COVID-19 free generation. We are spreading honest and safe conversations about COVID-19 and the vaccine and giving people true information about the vaccine.

Generation Vaccination is about us as young people getting the vaccine when our time comes but we are also all about helping our loved one’s register to get vaccinated too! 

And finally, vaccinated or not; remember to mask up, sanitise, keep the physical distance rules; and stay away from crowded places.

Why Vaccinate?

  • It’s the best way to fight against serious infections! Science proves this
  • Vaccines do not give you the virus! They teach your immune system to find and fight the infection in your body.
  • The more people we vaccinate, the closer we get to a COVID-19 free generation!

Who is Vee?

Vee is the leading voice of Gen V: Generation Vaccination. Vee is 18 years old, and she wants her voice to be heard about the COVID-19 vaccine! She is here to help you contribute to a healthier, COVID-19 free generation by setting the record straight, through real chats, big facts, and no cap! Family and friends trust and rely on her for up-to-date information.

No prize for guessing why her name is Vee, seeing that she’s always talking to her community about getting vaccinated, her neighbours have decided to name her Vee, for The Vacina-tah!

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