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Consent: No means no

What is consent?

If you have sex with someone when you both want and agree to have sex, then that is consent. There is no consent when you have sex because you are afraid. Or because you are forced.

Everyone has the right to decide if they want to have sex. When they want to have sex. Where they want to have sex. How they want to have sex. And with who they want to have sex. 

Asking for consent

Check out these 26 ways to ask for consent by the Soul City Institute:

There’s a simple way to make sure you have consensual sex (sex where both people agree and are willing to do it) every time:  

Getting a firm ‘Yes!’ 

Even in the heat of the moment, at a party or with someone you’re very attracted to, pausing to ask for consent is always the best idea. You can only have sex if you clearly hear someone say yes! If they say no, stop immediately.

It is also important to remember that just because you are in a relationship with someone, this does not mean that they must have sex with you. 

If your partner says no, they mean it. No will never mean yes.


1.  If someone agreed to have sex with you earlier in the day and then they change their mind, it is a NO.

2.  If someone starts having sex with you, and then changes their mind and wants to stop, it is a NO, and you NEED to STOP.

3.  If someone invites you to their place and cuddles you in bed, and says no, it is a no.

4.  If you buy someone a drink or a gift, it doesn’t mean they have said yes to sex. 

P.S: If you are still not sure what consent means, watch this video. 

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