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Videos: PrEP and relationships

Are you using or interested in PrEP and wondering how it will affect your relationship? Or wondering what makes a relationship healthy or not? Are you worried about how to communicate with a partner in a healthy way that leads to fewer fights? We are here to help!

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Learn about PrEP, communication, and relationships with Lungi, Biza, and their friends in this video series:

Video 1:

Lungi and Thando invite Biza and their other friend over to study and Thando shares that she is on PrEP. Sharing that you are on PrEP can be difficult because not everyone understands how it works and that it’s about taking control of your sexual health. Watch as Thando teaches her friends about PrEP.

Video 2

In this video, we show what happens when Thando shares that she is on PrEP with Lungi, and Lungi responds negatively. Disclosing that you are on PrEP to those around you is not always easy and it’s important to be prepared for different reactions if you decide to share.

Video 3

Lungi, Biza, and friends host a braai and plan to have a good time. But Biza has a problem with how Lungi is dressed and they get into a fight. This video shows how an unhealthy relationship looks.

Video 4:

It’s after the braai and Lungi is hurt and angry at Biza. Biza wants to meet with Lungi and talk about the fight they had but Lungi stands him up and ignores him and chooses to send hidden messages on social media which is an example of unhealthy communication.

Video 5:

Biza is hanging out with his friend who was also at the braai and saw the fight between Biza and Lungi. Biza is still mad at Lungi for the way she was dressed but his friend reminds him that Lungi can wear whatever she wants and that Biza doesn’t own her. Watch as Biza learns how to communicate in a way that is healthy.

Video 6:

Healthy relationships are about respect and being able to talk about a disagreement in a way that is open and doesn’t hurt the other person. In this video, Biza goes to Lungi to talk about what happened at the braai and they are able to solve their disagreement.

It can be difficult to bring up the issue of PrEP with a partner, friends, or family, but there are ways it can become easier. Get tips here.

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Being in a relationship with someone who cares for you is a great experience. But not all relationships are healthy and some can even be abusive. It’s important to know the difference. Learn more here.

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