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What is dual protection and what are the benefits?

Dual protection means using a condom and another contraceptive two methods of contraception at the same time to prevent pregnancy and STIs.

Benefits of dual protection:

1. Preventing unplanned pregnancy: Using two methods of contraception at the same time can lower the risk of unplanned pregnancy 

2. Lowering the risk of STIs: Using a condom and a contraceptive can lower the risk of STI’s

3. Peace of mind: Using a condom and another method of two methods of contraception can give you a peace of mind knowing you are protected against STI’s, HIV and unplanned pregnancy

4. Better sexual health: By lowering the risk of unplanned pregnancy and STIs, dual protection can help and give you better sexual health and well-being.

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Check out this video as one of the peer educators explains what dual protection is