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What is the difference between PrEP, PEP, and ART?

Great question!

All three contain antiretroviral medicines in different combinations for different uses: 

  • PrEP is another way to help HIV negative people to prevent themselves from getting HIV. PrEP uses antiretroviral medication (ARVs), which are drugs to treat people living with HIV, for HIV prevention. You take PrEP before you think you might be exposed to HIV. Click here to find a clinic that offers PrEP near you.
  • PEP is a pill you can take within 72 hours after you think you may have been exposed to HIV (e.g. after rape; sharing needles or after sex without a condom with someone you think may be HIV positive). You’ll need to take PEP for at least 28 days to prevent HIV infection. Click here to find your nearest clinic to get PEP.
  • Antiretrovial treatment (ART) is treatment with ARVs for HIV-positive people that reduces the levels of HIV in a person’s body, to keep you healthy. Some ARVs have more than one drug and some pills have a combination (of 2, 3 or 4 drugs). ART helps the body stay strong and helps it fight off infections and other illnesses. 

Positive or negative, we all play our part as the generation that will end HIV.

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